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Here are some interesting links I had stickied:
Yeano's thread: Proving Something is Independent of our Axioms.
Yeano's thread: Algebraic Topology and Model Theory

We have LaTeX running on GT! Thanks to Xhin!

Algebraic Topology and Model Theory
Posted: Posted October 9th, 2013 by Yeano

Anyone have any insights into these two areas of study?

I'm considering both of them, but I want to see what they're both like.

Especially since Intro to Algebraic Topology is offered next semester.

But I also need to take my Measure Theory and Linear Algebra classes at some point (Measure Theory is offered every semester), and Graph Theory (very rarely runs) is being offered next semester as well.

Argh! Too many classes!

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I'm stickying this thread to the front (momentarily) because it slipped thru my fingers and I didn't get a chance to respond. But I will. I will then unsticky it when we've dealt with it. Very sorry for my very tardy responses!!

Posted June 21st, 2014 by The Fly
The Fly

Well, I ended up taking Measure Theory and Linear Algebra. (I needed to take those classes for sure since all math students do).

Currently, I'm taking a reading course in algebraic topology (focusing on covering spaces and homology).

My instructor also has me attending a seminar on hyperbolic geometry over this summer. I don't have to present, but I get to see the basics, I guess.

In the fall, I am registered for Differential Geometry and Topology as well as Commutative Algebra.

Posted June 22nd, 2014 by Yeano

Sounds excellent! {y}{y}{y} I love all those topics and have taken them all. Except I have not spent too much time with hyperbolic geometry - but more in terms of differentiable manifolds and differential geometry. I enjoyed the treatment of George Mackey who related this stuff with quantum and classical mechanics in his wonderful book: mathematical foundations of QM.

Glad to see the great progress you made, Yeano!

Posted June 23rd, 2014 by The Fly
The Fly
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