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  • A "creative" forum which I then moved all the creative outlet stuff and the topics posted in entertainment/media more recently that fit into that category. Use it for posting creative stuff in general.

  • A worldbuilding forum which is for creative worldbuilding more specifically.

    Both of these forums (as well as science and entertainment/media to some extent) are about to get a large influx of posts from the forum that's merging with GTX0, probably sometime in the next few days.

    Worldbuilding will also be getting a large amount of posts probably today in a "mock run", but they're all going to be locked and then re-deleted, so don't respond to anything!

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    GTX0 is feeling more and more like Temple OS

    Posted January 29th by MarvaIo

    Xhin's real name is Terry A. Davis?

    Edited January 29th by Q

    Xhin's real name is Ryan Seacrest, no relation!

    Posted January 29th by Darkest Muhammed Hashish Smoker

    GTX0 is feeling more and more like Temple OS

    I consider that a compliment. Not easy to build an OS from scratch.

    Posted January 29th by Xhin
    Nature is beautiful
    Reply to: Added two new forums
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