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GameTalk X.0: Insert Coin to Continue

Ever since Mike's Gametalk went down, gametalk regs have been looking for a new place to call home. The problem is, no mainstream forum software had the features that old gametalk users were looking for. Features like ease of registration, different post types, and the idea of each forum being its own seperate entity.

All of that changed in March 2009, when the GT reg Daniel/Thesus launched his own site with the look and feel of GT. But his website, too, was lacking in certain areas. I felt that not only did the GTRestoration site not have everything that GT regs were looking for, I felt also that the actual GameTalk did not. So, I have built this site, in homage to Mike's GameTalk 2.0, to improve on the gametalk legacy.

In light of how GT-like admins seem to disappear for long stretches of time, I have built admin controls to allow for multiple admins. There are five others; see the link to the left.

Overall, I hope this place will serve to restore a sense of community to GT regs.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of your favorite fizzy beverage, and make yourself at home.

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